Caring for teeth for life

Dr. Vaccaro practice is a caring, considerate and hygienic one, where the patient comes first. Caring dentistry isn't just about teeth - it's about people: understanding them and their needs and giving them the service they deserve.

Dr. Vaccaro interests in the dental field are wide and he undertakes all aspects of high quality general dentistry, but his practice is also known for the treatment of anxious patients. With extensive experience in clinical practice, especially in dental, cosmetics I have been offering my services for more than 25 years in Rio de Janeiro. Graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro as a dentist and a specialist in Periodontics. Member of the International Team for Implantology, ITI.

Dr. Vaccaro has the ability to treat you with friendly, gentle care that will put you at your ease and take your mind away from the task at hand.

Dr. Vaccaro undertake all aspects of dentistry in a caring, hygienic environment and uses the latest techniques. He employs Hygienists who clean the teeth and gums and advise on oral hygiene.

Dr. Vaccaro is an ethical dental practitioner who carries out crown and bridge work, gum treatment and the treatment of bad breath, root canal therapy, denture work, cosmetic dentistry and implants.

Are you afraid to smile in public? Have you been living with dental pain for a long time but feel too afraid to do anything about it? We offer several special services at our practice to help you.

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